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Food lovers and bloggers have left reviews about the light and crisp fried chicken with its marvelous special soy sauce. Tebasaki is seasoned with our secret soy sauce and the signature dish of our restaurant. We have a familial atmosphere and offer good resting place.

What they say

  • The chicken served here is exquisite. The Tebasaki Chicken with its creamy and shimmering glazed coat bursts inside your mouth with such vivacity that reaches the point of addiction.

    Jacob P. - Yelp
  • Ordered a variety of chicken flavors to go and i loved it. The taste is very unique and its not something youll find at your average chicken restaurant. The chicken was very soft and had the right amount of flavor.

    Daniel S. - Yelp
  • Whether you like your chicken spicy or not, this is a must-try place for any chicken lover. The wings are great and so unusual. They are always crispy, moist, and full of flavor. Try the pickeled radishes for a pleasant surprise. Overall, very good food at a fair price.

    James - Yelp

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Sunday : Closed
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